Expert Design and Project Management Services for Commercial Clients

Commercial development of any kind can be difficult process, so ensure you hit the ground running with Grays Surveying Services Ltd.

We provide a range of services from design and management to defects inspections, and we will be with you during every step of the process to ensure you get the outcome you desire.

Design Services

We offer a range of design services that are customisable to meet your exact requirements, offering a precise drawing service for plans, elevations, sections, and drawing details as well as site and block plans.

We will use the drawings to prepare proposals which reflect your design requirements and submit them to the local authority for planning approval and/or building regulation consent. As part of our service, we strive to ensure your project reaches its maximum potential by maintaining a close working relationship and being easily contactable to discuss any issues.

We also offer structural inspections and design by independent qualified structural engineers.

Project Management

We utilise years of experience to ensure your projects are completed on time and to the quality you expect as well as resolving any problems quickly and effectively.

Our project management service includes:

Project Management

  • Pre-Contract Meetings

  • Routine Inspections on Site to Inspect Progress and Resolve Any Issues

  • Site Meetings and Client Update Meetings

  • Liaise with the Local Authorities and Other Statutory Bodies

  • Liaise with Specialists e.g. Engineers, Asbestos Surveyors Etc

  • Completion Documentation

  • Snagging Inspections and Sign off

Contract Administration

We will act as an agent on behalf of an employer to undertake the day to day administration of the contract, and to ensure the contractor is compliant with the terms and conditions of the contract.

We have experience when dealing with JCT contracts, and provide the following services:

Contract Administration

  • Competitive Tenderering

  • Contract Preparation

  • Periodic Site Inspections

  • Site Meetings and Client Review Meetings

  • Contract Instructions

  • Contract Valuation for Interim Payments

  • Contract Variations

  • Snagging Inspections and Completion Documentation

  • End of Defects Inspections and Sign off

  • Final Account and H&S File

Party Wall Procedures

If you or a neighbour wish to undertake alteration works that may affect a dividing wall or floor in joint ownership, create an extension where the foundations may effect the neighbouring properties foundations, or any other works which fall on the boundary of your property. We will act in our capacity as administrators and consultants to ensure that all parties involved comply with the Party Wall Act 1996.

A person wishing to undertake works to a shared wall or boundary is known as a building owner and the neighbour is known as the adjoining owner. We act as a party wall surveyor for either a building owner or an adjoining owner to ensure compliance with the Party Wall Act and to resolve any disputes.

Landlord and Property Management Services

We believe that the key to safeguarding a building and its residents is to ensure that building works, either existing or on-going, are subject to a strict approval process and closely monitored from start through to completion. In the past we have helped to develop and enforce this by close liaison with the management board and property managers.

This continued liaison and close working relationship has allowed us to create precedents thereby ensuring the protection of the building and its residents for years to come.

The most effective way to control construction works within a building is through a licence agreement. We have years of experience preparing and administering Licence applications and preparing the Licence document, which allows us to undertake the following tasks:

Landlord and Property Management Services

  • Liaising directly with the business owners to ensure that their proposals adhere to the buildings own regulations and restrictions

  • Ensure that all additional permissions have been obtained by the business owner

  • Advice the landlords accordingly and obtain approval

  • Prepare the licence document

  • Ensure the contractor has sufficient insurance in place and has provided all required documentation to include risk assessments and contact details

  • Monitor the construction works through to completion

  • Sign off the works and obtain all necessary service certification

  • Ensuring building works comply with the local authority

  • Ensuring continual development of the licence document to reflect changes in the buildings/landlord’s requirements and current legislation

  • Provide a close working relationship with board members, house managers, and property managers to develop and enforce rules and regulations within the building

Other Services

Defects Inspection and Diagnosis

Identifying defects within your property followed by preparation of a report detailing the cause and remedial action required.

Planning Approval & Building Regulation Consent

Liaison with the Local Authority to obtain the necessary statutory approvals for your project.  Please refer to 'Residential Services' for further details.

Contact us to hear more about the design, management, and other services we provide for commercial clients.